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Jenna Carley is an actress, comedian
and writer from Seattle, Washington.

​​Born into a sports-centered family with two athletic older brothers, Jenna's interest in all things artistic was uncharted territory for her mother, a surgical nurse, and father, a general contractor and college football hotshot.​

Her early years were spent plopped into just about every sport, and the results were less than ideal. It turned out making daisy chains wasn't a good strategy for playing the outfield in tee-ball and no one cheers when you score in your own team's soccer goal. Finally, after 9 long years of basketball it was agreed that Jenna's fear of the ball was not going to go away, despite what a shame it was to "waste that height!" She did enjoy tennis, but everyone knew it was more an affinity for the pleated skirts than the sport.

Jenna always loved to sing, and when her friends moved on to select sports in high school, she started taking voice lessons. After a few months, her teacher suggested she consider auditioning for musicals, and her life was never the same. She began studying acting at a local youth theater and was fascinated by the arts of scene study and character development, empowered by the encouragement of her unique talents, and awestruck by the community of fellow artistic teens; most notably the young Jean Valjean in that summer's production of  Les Miserables, Derek Carley.

When the time came to audition for colleges, she had her work cut out for her; competing for coveted Musical Theatre BFA programs and scholarships among young actors who had grown up in the theatre. But Jenna's determination and work ethic were unrelenting, and she made her way to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

She loved spending her early 20's in New York City, where her outlook of the world expanded immensely from her suburban upbringing. Being exposed to so many different cultures and lifestyles grew her appreciation for social issues, politics and and experimental art; and greatly shifted the trajectory of her artistic point of view.

Since college, Jenna's hunger for adventure, love of her craft, and determination to build a meaningful career led her back across the country to Los Angeles. She's accumulated a vast well of experience on camera, from commercials to feature films, but she is most proud of her body of work as a creator, and loves being able to share her authentic vision with the world. 

Her autobiographical short film Married. No Kids. is currently showing at film festivals across the country, she's performed stand-up at all of the top comedy clubs in LA, and the video of her very first time doing stand-up has over 20K views on YouTube. 

Whether sketch comedy, stand-up, or theatre, Jenna has regular shows open to the public every month. Check out the details on the Upcoming Shows page.


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ― Albert Einstein